Do you wonder how risky your investments are?
Find out right now by using our Investment Risk Quick Score App!
You may be shocked at what you find!

What is OnPointe Quick Score?

OnPointe Quick Score is a tool (powered by OnPointe Risk Analyzer) that allows you to “score” individual investments.

When we say “score”, that means our tool will analyze hundred of data points and provide the following about investments:

1. How risky is the investment (on a scale from 0-100).
2. The rate of return (for 1, 3, 5 10+ years).
3. The maximum drawdown (how big was the negative return during the last crash).
4. Many other industry standard risk metrics (such as Std. Deviation, Beta, Correlation, etc.)

Who should use this tool?

OnPointe Quick Score should be used by:

1. Anyone wondering if their top investment holdings are meetings expectations or have more risk, or WAY more risk then expected.
2. Anyone who is thinking of buying a stock or mutual fund and wonders about its performance and risk level.

Using the tool is simple.

Click here or the Try Quick Score button and provide your basic information to gain access.
You only need to sign up once and you’ll be able to score as many individual investment as you’d like.

Find Your Personal Risk Score

Most people have no idea what their true appetite for “risk” is when it comes to growing wealth for retirement. We designed the industry’s most accurate risk assessment process to help clients determine their personal Risk Score. If you want to know your personal Risk Score on a scale from 1-100, click on the button below.