Thank you for clicking on the link to learn more about our program. We hope consumers will enjoy using the Quick Score App and believe many will be surprised at the amount of risk they are taking in their current investments.

OnPointe is a financial services industry software suite with the lead development team based in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, Michigan.

OnPointe Investment Risk Analyzer is a one-of-a-kind program used by financial planners and insurance agents

OnPointe’s core purpose is to help advisors provide better advice to their clients by giving them access to the most real world program in the industry.

OnPointe Risk software features are as follows:

-It determines the investment risk tolerance and capacity of consumers (if you would like to find out what your personal risk score is, click here (it takes only a few minutes to complete)).

-It scores the risk of both individual investments (stocks, mutual funds, stock indexes) and investment portfolios.

-It can stress test how a current portfolio would have done in the last major stock market crash.

-It can be used to compare current and proposed investment portfolios.

-It can be used to create investment portfolios that closely match the risk score of each individual client.

-It can forecast forward what an investment or portfolio should return over time going forward using a unique Monte Carlo testing process.

-It has a retirement analyzer application that does cash flow analysis (it projects the likelihood of clients running out of money in retirement).

In short, there is no program in the financial services industry that compares to the wide variety of features that OnPointe has to offer.

Is your advisor using OnPointe to help make sure your investments are suitable for you and match your risk tolerance?

If not, we suggest that you have your advisor(s) email to inquire about the software. We’d be happy to hear from them.